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A breakdown of my earnings ($3,478.27) thru playing, ‘NFL Opponents’ NFT Sport….

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This put up is to share my expertise, to this point, playing NFL Opponents cellular app. And affirm how I’ve come to salvage nearly $3,500 in Player Card NFT’s, thru the game.

Preface about feeling towards lack of NFT games and NFT Gaming home:

I, love moderately a few you possess felt jaded towards the inability of precious NFT adoption and functionality in (palatable) cellular games.

In most games I’ve seen that dev’s are too targeted on a rapidly cash-in, in self-discipline of making a fun game, that adopts the advantages of stop-user ownership. Which, has left the landscape of NFT games, largely a laughing stock.

I wasn’t shopping for an “NFT game to salvage some money”. I modified into shopping for a game that I revel in, the put it came about to also return some of that invested time/vitality/effort attend to me, the stop-user. Which, I produce assume that NFT’s possess the aptitude to resolve.

All that to be stated, I went into this with VERY low expectations, and thinking of it as an experiment for me to dangle what the NFT game scene in actuality looks love. And as you’ll be taught below, given the queer reputedly early adoption I modified into ready to gain earnings of, I modified into furious to gaze it sink or swim, firsthand.

How I came upon out about ‘NFL Opponents’:

In drop of last year I obtained an e-mail that modified into asserting upcoming NFT drops (I assume it modified into a Coinbase news em).

What caught my consideration modified into ‘NFL’. In my expertise, the NFL licensing rights are extremely subtle to dangle, and to my files initiating air of Madden, no longer many (if any) various games were ready to exercise the NFL license. Appropriate away I modified into intrigued.

The e-mail alluded to an ‘Arcade vogue football game’ the put you’d be ready to play with/own/promote your gamers.

To me, the total thing sounded love Madden Last Crew, but in fact getting to own your gamers.

I’m a long time EA NHL player, and would possibly well maybe also’t affirm you the device many hours/money I spent grinding an Last Crew, honest appropriate to restart the following year. So, I modified into absorbing to gaze if this theory modified into legit.

So the EM stated that there would possibly well be drop of ‘Restricted NFL Helmets’ that grants you early salvage entry to to the beta and game, as wells ‘proudly owning a membership’, and incorporated a drop date for the helmets, along with a Discord you would possibly well per chance be a a part of.

Buying a Helmet and Beta Receive entry to:

The Beta salvage entry to helmet set apart .14 ETH (at the time ETH modified into trading for around $1,300USD)

After I logged on I saw that no-one had purchased a Lions or Redskins helmet yet, so I grabbed one among every, and modified into fortunate ample to salvage an early mint number for both. (Approximate set apart = $364)

After I got my helmets, there modified into months of ready around in the Discord

Many were offloading their helmets for colossal loss

Most weren’t even slide what we had even bought.

Unless, early 2023 after they announced the beta would possibly well be released and the Helmet holders would salvage first salvage entry to.

Unless Beta modified into announced/released, all we were occurring modified into a couple screengrabs of gameplay in the Discord.

As a beta participant we obtained a couple free NFT’s once the plump initiating would possibly well be out as successfully

Grinding the Sport and how I’ve ‘salvage player playing cards’:

Beta salvage entry to modified into granted in February(ish) 2023 to any individual with an NFT Helmet.

Beta listed for a few weeks, then the game took a spoil to work on some fixes identified in the beta, and came attend for the plump initiating in April – many weeks later.

You salvage to ‘own a squad’ by shopping a helmet, as I mentioned above. Somebody can capture a helmet and salvage a squad. I own a couple ‘Squads’ thanks to my NFT helmets, which would per chance well be basically clans that you simply be a a part of to attend climb a leaderboard.

Our ‘squad’ gets rewards every ‘season’ for the vogue successfully it finishes.

There would possibly be traditional tournaments that happen the put the discontinuance 250 / 100 / 80 / 50 and so on. gamers gain NFT player playing cards. The higher you produce in these tournaments, the more rewards you salvage.

The match prizes range from ‘NFT player packs’ to uncommon playing cards, legendary playing cards, and even mythic playing cards.

I’ve basically by no system overlooked an match, and therefore were ready to invent my squad with the gamers that I’ve obtained since the initiating.

There modified into 1 ‘collection prize’ the put you had to secure a sure number and kind of gamers, to salvage a Mythic Tyreek Hill, early on – it modified into the simplest collection kind of giveaway, but, I earned it thru procuring for a couple gamers in the market self-discipline – and getting the Tyreek Hill Mythic as an airdrop. (You would possibly want to well per chance gaze these bills below)

Originate air of the Tyreek Hill, all various gamers were ‘obtained’

I’ve also purchased some of my Legendary gamers by selling others that I’ve obtained, and utilizing Memoir (the ecosystem token), in my tale – on their marketplace. But, to be slide, I’ve by no system added any forex initiating air of what modified into described below. (In fact trading gamers around).

Time played:

I haven’t overlooked many tournaments since the initiating.

This has resulted in an estimated practical of 20-40 min of gameplay per day (Average game is 4 min long @ 5-10 games per day + practicing games)

The utilization of that math, I’d estimate I’ve played the game about 1,200 minutes monthly. Or, roughly 20 hours monthly.

@ roughly 5 months, I’m pleased with estimating 100 hours played to this point.

This doesn’t tale for time spent in the Marketplace, trading, researching and selling, and so on. – for this I’d throw one other 10 hours on.

So we’ll verbalize: 110 hours total in estimation

Charges incurred up to now:

Preliminary Helmet purchases: 2 @ .14 ETH or = $364 at time of capture

Uphold Balance: Broken-down to capture playing cards for Tyreek Hill = $244

In app purchases: $94

These were a mixture of player ‘booster’ packs and ‘particular provides’ that possess come out every season.

Total money spent on NFT Opponents = $702

Collection of NFT gamers Up to now (9.24.23):

28 NFT Avid gamers in total

3 Legendary ; 20 Legendary ; 4 Account ; 1 Uncommon

Cost of 28 NFT Avid gamers in Recent Market (9.24.23):

Show: these values are per the bottom latest offerings and produce no longer tale for trading charges.

Show: Estimates as of 9.24.23 @ 10: 20AM CST

Kicker – Tyler Bass (Account) = $28.16

RB Ezekiel Elliot (Account) = $49.03

QB Dak Prescott Legendary) = $61.66

CB Devon Witherspoon Legendary) = $105.57

LB Will Anderson Jr. Legendary) = $156.10

CB Sauce Gardner Legendary) = $196.78

WR Garrett Wilson Legendary) = $119.05

WR Stefon Diggs Legendary) = $111.21

OL Zack Martin Legendary) = $72.69

TE Darren Waller Legendary) = $42.23

DT Chris Jones Legendary) = $281.54

OL Ronnie Stanley Legendary) = $30.97

RB Austin Eckler Account) = $32.95

DE Greg Rousseau Legendary) = $109.57

DE Micah Parsons Legendary) = $63.37

FS Kevin Byard Legendary) = $168.14

SS Tyrann Mathieu Legendary) = $73.19

LB C.J. Mosley Legendary) = $53.80

OL Paris Johnson JR. Legendary) = $28.01

WR D.J. Moore Legendary) = $63.67

RB Sequin Barkley Legendary) = $42.24

WR Tyreek Hill Mythic) = $375.48

DE Cut Bosa Mythic) = $815.13

LB De’Vondre Campbell Account) = $8.45

CB Pat Surtain II Mythic) = $985.48

WR A.J. Brown Legendary) = $105.80

Total trading set apart = $4,180.27

Final Calculations:

Cost of Sequence = $4,180.27

Brand for collection = $702

Time played for Sequence = ~110 Hours

Total Return on funding = $3,478.27

Estimated hourly return = $31.62 / hour

TLDR – By roughly 110 hours of playing NFL Opponents NFT primarily based mostly game, I’ve earned an estimated asset collection of $3,478.27. Working out to roughly $31USD / hour.

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