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Domov Reddit Assemble you preserve any meme coins?

Assemble you preserve any meme coins?

From what I of direction comprise gathered from this sub it appears to be like meme coins are moderately frowned upon, and for honest cause I recount. I construct judge there is a valuable aspect to meme coins though, it introduces many other folks to crypto and can present a relaxing group feeling.

I was wondering while you guys preserve any meme coins at all accurate for the relaxing of it? 80% of my portfolio is in BTC and ETH but I judge its relaxing to comprise an extraordinarily itsy-bitsy gamble portion, I picked up a web of Chibonk ( $CHIBO ) to illustrate accurate because the whitepaper made me laugh.

So are you guys silent as in opposition to the premise of meme coins as I seem to undergo in mind or comprise you technique to embrace them as share of crypto?


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