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Ben Armstrong spends evening in jail with prowling, straightforward assault charges

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Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, formerly identified as ‘BitBoy,’ reportedly spent the evening in the slammer and has been hit with two charges following his conspicuous arrest. 

Armstrong, who used to be taken into custody on Sept. 25 whereas livestreaming outside a aged companion’s condominium, spent a runt over 8 hours in a cell in accordance to the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Administrative center.

The crypto influencer has been released on bail but has been hit with charges of “loitering/prowling” and “straightforward assault by inserting one other in ache,” with a bond quantity of $2,600 along with $40 of charges.

Screenshot from Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Administrative centerIn Georgia, loitering or prowling in general refers to when a person is “in a scheme at a time or in a system no longer peculiar for guidelines-abiding members below cases that warrant a justifiable and affordable apprehension or rapid bother for the safety of persons or property in the neighborhood,” in accordance to Georgia-primarily based mostly guidelines firm Lawson & Berry. 

The penalties for a prowling and loitering misdemeanor consist of a pretty of up to $1,000, or jail time of up to at least 365 days, or each, it added.

In the meantime, straightforward assault can own: “(1) strive to commit a violent hurt to the person of 1 other, or (2) commit an act which locations one other in affordable apprehension of without delay receiving a violent hurt.”

Identical to loitering, a conviction for straightforward assault in Georgia is treated as a misdemeanor, although there might perhaps well perhaps perhaps also furthermore make sure scenarios where here is escalated, talked about the guidelines firm.

Following his liberate, Armstrong looked to mock his punishment stating, “My title is Ben and I’m a loiterer. I did 8 whole hours in the slammer,”

Right here’s the hardest tweet I ever own had to own. I must own a confession I never imagined I would admit

I’m no longer even surely certain if I surely own the courage to exclaim it but I’m going to attain my supreme

Right here it goes: My title is Ben and I’m a loiterer. I did 8 whole hours in the slammer

— Ben Armstrong (@BenArmstrongsX) September 26, 2023

About a hours later he posted: “I’m taking a week’s ruin from social media,” earlier than along side “No, no longer on account of of the memes,” on Sept. 27. Armstrong’s mug shot has been doing the rounds on crypto social media.


— db (@tier10okay) September 26, 2023

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On the evening of Sept. 25, Armstrong went to the condominium of his aged companion Carlos Diaz who he alleged had possession of his Lamborghini.

The livestream and general ranting went on for around 19 minutes earlier than the native police turned up and arrested Armstrong.

Crypto trader “EmperorBTC” told his 360,000 X followers that the arrest “must quiet be a lesson for each person.”

Bitboy being arrested must quiet be a lesson for each person.

1. In case you scam, karma will catch you. If no longer now, then in some unspecified time in the future, but for certain.

2. Money provides you Energy but Uncontrolled Energy turns you insane.

3. Own care of your psychological health, the sector is looking out at so that you just can breakdown.

— Emperor (@EmperorBTC) September 26, 2023

The most up-to-date debacle is associated to the continued dispute between Ben Armstrong and Hit Network which controls the “BitBoy Crypto” imprint. The firm and its executives decrease ties with Armstrong in August citing disorders surrounding substance abuse and financial hurt to workers.

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