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Friday, January 21, 2022

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Domov Reddit Bitcoin not at once woke the fuck up and broke through 50K...

Bitcoin not at once woke the fuck up and broke through 50K – the bull is abet and excited as hell.

Mods: Reposting this with out the cost hypothesis (my execrable for Rule 5.7).

K, so after 4/5 makes an strive this previous 10 days, Grandpa not at once decided to make the bears relate. The next day is Friday and everyone is aware of what meaning – with any luck shorts getting destroyed.

It changed into extra than seemingly than we would lag up as opposed to abet down (light Yuletide bump), nonetheless that crabbing lasted a blinding whereas. It changed into most spellbinding after seeing what took place with LRC, MATIC, CRO, AVAX and LUNA for the duration of the previous couple of days that it changed into changing into decided a stable bottom had been reached.

So now two paths lie ahead: a unique lag starting up this weekend and lasting till on the least mid January (credit bills touchdown, etc) earlier than resuming after Valentine’s Day, or a return downwards and extra crabbing.

Either map, the most spellbinding thing that if truth be told issues is the truth that 2022 will most seemingly be THE year that mass adoption becomes actuality.

There is a LOT to be bullish about:

  • Omicron nowhere come as excessive as anticipated a month prior to now

  • De-escalation in Russian-Ukraine hostilities (US and Russia meeting in January in Geneva for talks). ie no War.

  • Evergrande fucked nonetheless no-one cares

  • China might perchance well reban crypto, nonetheless it will haven’t any produce anymore

  • GameStop accepting BTC, DOGE and SHIB

  • TESLA accepting DOGE

  • Apt Crypto.com Enviornment rename on 25th December + Laker’s sport

  • Each and each FTX and Crypto.com receive bought Superbowl commercials for February

  • ZK rollups and ETH gasoline prices falling

  • ETH 2.0 and the stay of mining (ETH deflationary)

  • Inflation with any luck settling down and the broader markets improving

What produce you folk mediate?


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