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Blackrock ETF utility timing

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TLDR at the bottom

Just a few months within the past, I posted right here with a response to the Blackrock ETF utility and it’s timing. That post became also named “Blackrock ETF became timed perfectly”. Right here became my opinion at the time.

“My opinion is that Blackrock believes the market will tumble extra from right here, and that’s why they utilized for the ETF now. It’ll gain many months for the SEC to formula to a call on the ETF, and I essentially bask in heard as prolonged as 200ish days. I essentially bask in a feeling the timing is impeccable for Blackrock to site the acceptance of the ETF, with them looking ahead to Bitcoin and Crypto to tumble lower, at some level of a recession in Q1-Q2 2024.”

“In actual fact, I began to bear in mind that this contemporary upward push in costs became a lawful trace for Crypto getting support into a bull market, however I essentially feel esteem Blackrock sees something coming. I am gonna continue my DCA, however I’ll be willing to purchase a retest of the lows if we salvage that.”

“Just my total speculation clearly however I essentially bask in a feeling there’s immense timing right here, so Blackrock can understanding to salvage their original area BTC ETF buys at recession lows. Roast me must you disagree or bask in better files.”

I to find the dip now we bask in, now not essentially because anything Blackrock is doing or as Blackrock manipulation. But it with out a doubt became rumored for over a year the Evergrade became going to walk bankrupt, along with extra than one other companies. The macro outlook is handsome now not very lawful. It handsome appears obvious that Blackrock wishes to time the Bitcoin ETF along with two issues:

recession lows/recession crab market. Or handsome simply unsure market stipulations. It appears esteem extra foreclosures and distressed residence gross sales occurring, which will now not essentially change into a macro fashion for just a few months, due to glide effects. Right here is the final leg that essentially wishes to tumble, sooner than inflation may perhaps also furthermore be known as accomplished with and can seemingly abet push us into a truly viewed recession. After that, money printer walk brrr.

the bitcoin halving. They positively desire to time the bitcoin halving, for obvious causes. If they’ll salvage an approval across the halving AND the Fed pivots, it must seemingly result in a loopy bull market that they want to be a allotment of.

Would desire to listen to other opinions on this topic of Blackrock forecasting what is going down now, plus them concerned to be earlier than the mid-post recession bitcoin bull market.


Blackrock may perhaps also bask in timed their ETF utility perfectly, to the put Bitcoin may perhaps also dip due to recessionary pressures in Q1-Q2 2024, whereas the ETF gets it’s approval. If that bask in been to happen, then they (and their purchasers) may perhaps also potentially produce bigger amounts of Bitcoin sooner than the subsequent halving and in flip, the subsequent bull speed. Right here is with out a doubt reckoning on the SEC accepting this ETF, however I am under the conclusion they’re going to.

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