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Domov Reddit COSMOS - the gift that keeps on giving!

COSMOS – the gift that keeps on giving!

Well, if this isn’t an example of no longer too hear to peoples opinions on this sub then I don’t know what’s.

If you scroll down my posts you can watch I wrote a fraction earlier this yr regarding how lucrative the OSMO airdrop had been to me. You are going to watch from the feedback this used to be met with downvotes and ADA/VET moonbois calling it a scam and me a shiller.

Speedily ahead about a months and I would take to rub some salt into those bitter wounds. I in reality had been entirely surviving of my OSMO and JUNO rewards for 2 months now. Rewards may maybe well I add, that came entirely from compounding the airdrop portions I got. By surviving I in reality point out residing because the portions had been averaging around £1700 per week.

Now to produce it even larger, I in reality had been changing acknowledged rewards to CRO, sending to CDC and topping up my crypto debit card to which I then receive 3% help on all purchases! Free cash from free cash which never touches my main financial institution fable.

To provide issues even larger this Christmas, there has been a want of extra airdrops presented for ATOM, OSMO, JUNO stakers, one of which on January 1st (NETA) promises to be very lucrative.

Please advise me how correctly your Christmas has been all you naysayers? How’s ADA doing?

Exhaust away: carry out no longer hear to the negativity from conceited moon bois on this sub, DYOR and produce your possess choices.


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