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Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Domov Reddit Cryptocurrency, while far from a safe bet, is still better than actual...

Cryptocurrency, while far from a safe bet, is still better than actual gambling.

So I’m in Vegas for the first time being old enough to gamble, and I thought the slot machines would be at least be as fun as arcade games that spit out tickets or coins. I walked around for a half hour trying to pick one that made any sense (they don’t), and decided to only spend the $4 in cash I had with me at the time. It’s gone. I didn’t have fun. I demand Dave and Busters style gambling!

While I have been told many times that cryptocurrency is a very unsafe bet, and that I might as well just straight up gamble. My total return went up $10 last night as I slept.

I enjoy being part of they crypto community, I don’t sell at a loss, and while I have made some poor decisions, I ultimately feel well informed and that over time I can at least break even or continue to make small gains.

I just wanted to share my perspective. However, I am certainly not providing financial advice. There are worse ways to invest your time and money. And if I somehow hit the jackpot, it still won’t compare to the vast complexities of crypto and all that it offers outside of financial benefits alone.


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