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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Eight months ago, I combed thru your whole posts right here to search out the subs most despised money. I blended into a single awful folio. Here is an substitute on the FOLIO OF HATE. How great compose you wish it to fail? Does it silent make you offended?

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Appropriate morning all,

We’re in a maintain market. Shit sucks. But that does no longer indicate we can’t silent enjoy some fun genuine?

For of us that had been around on the starting of the twelve months, you’re going to be aware that I created this. The FOLIO OF HATE. I invested (yolo’d?) $100 into this subs most hated money. Some money are hated attributable to utility, some attributable to corruption, some attributable to the the shills. Whatever the reason, I made up my mind to act on the principle that this sub can indubitably interact winners by investing into the ones that all of us abominate the most.

So, $100 was invested on the an identical day to each and every of the ten money/tokens. Here is how it has fared.

Folio of Abhor

Down 60% or $600 in eight months.

What relating to the actual person results? With out a doubt they’re no longer all sinful? Pleasing?

Easiest performer: USDT -0.06 %

Worst performer: LRC -81.05 %

Shock Performer: BNB -46.23%

Folio of Abhor Person Efficiency

No topic the savagery of the capitulation and maintain market, there are some attention-grabbing observations.

Private factors of passion:

Binance is the totally none-stablecoin performer. This would possibly well very neatly be linked to the give scheme of alternative exchanges/lenders.

Investing in Dogecoin – was a greater funding than high weapons Solana and Cardano.

Solana performed equally as sinful as Safemoon

Tether – FUCKING TETHER – was the folios totally performer. Props to u/entschida for getting that one genuine.

I am aware that perceptions and opinions shift over time, so it is unnecessary to claim possible that we abominate these money extra than ever.

In the end, the sentiment for crypto.com (or Cronos) has seriously shifted all around the final eight months. If I had been to compose this folio on the unusual time, CDC would surely enjoy a diagram in it.

Well-liked publish for reference.

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