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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

I attempted to warn other folks a couple of metaverse mission, and got downvoted, banned and labelled a FUDder all over each social media platform. It is miles now down 92% from ATH. A warning about echo-chambers.

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Per my unusual put up the build I warned all people about SOLICE. It is miles now at 40c which is more than 90% from its ATH and its decrease than a 300 and sixty five days veteran.

This mission has been one effort after any other. Constant delays, normal fails to inform, blaming others for the causes, ignoring questions from merchants, VCs dumping tough, the checklist goes on. Take a look at the put up above for the pudgy particulars.

This put up is more about echo-chambers.


That is the mantra. When something doesn’t feel correct, area it. Within the event you gather downvoted, suspended, banned regardless of that is a massive purple flag. As prolonged as you are stressful respectfully and offering proof for your area, moderators contain no correct to clutch you from the conversation. Here is literally you doing all your compare.

Within the event you are steer clear off from doing all your win compare since the powers that be from the sub, discord, telegram, etc valid care for pushing you out then you positively get the mark and gather the f### out.

A pair of of the worst examples here encompass Loopring and Safemoon (also down identical ranges from ATH). Soar into their subs, their discord channels and their telegrams. Are trying stressful respectfully and gaze how prolonged you last. Within the event you have faith you studied we’re early in crypto, or its the wave of the future, head on over to the buttcoin sub and read the attitude of others.

The echochamber is without doubt a few of the worst things about crypto. Of us gather so excited to be alive to “early” in a mission, however this can result in some massive emotional bias to fail to see the more well-known fundamentals. By the time you realise the ‘FUD’ used to be truth, or now not it is too unhurried.

Bear now not judge any person. No longer even me.

EDIT: This put up has proved my point once more. Every single comment I’ve made on this put up has been downvoted to hell. Lawful scroll down and sight. Granted its mostly by the insufferable LRC fanbois however its in honorable remarkable each thread. We are in a fking echo chamber and likewise you all contain to open your eyes.

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