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Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Domov Reddit I sold $18,000 of ALGO and went all in on a meme...

I sold $18,000 of ALGO and went all in on a meme coin… AMA

I’ve posted my background before but I started in this game with $200 of XRP right before the 2017 bull run.

I’ve seen and done it all… I skipped buying BTC in 2014 when it was like $800 AUD because the wallet was too hard to figure out. I tied to day trade XRP by selling at 34c and buying back at 32c… the day it pumped to 90c. I bought the XVG hype before the pornhub announcement and finally put all my cash into a project which has done nothing but earned me $30k through dumb luck in timing my buys and sells.

I decided to get sensible and invest in ALGO. We love ALGO right!! The ups and downs of owning a shit coin with that bankroll was too stressful, so I wanted something safe.

22,000 ALGO later, my investment swelled to $60k and I cashed out a nice chunk for a house deposit. At the same time, I’ve been watching the meteoric rise of SHIB and DOGE thinking “if only!”.

So, 3 weeks ago I threw caution to the wind and put $18,000 into a meme coin, selected purely based on the community. I’m up 628% and loving every minute.

I’m not EXPECTING a SHIB like run, but a man can dream right?

Wish me luck!! YOLO

EDIT** Yes I have cashed out. I initially dropped $6k over 4 years from 2017 to 2021. I have redeemed $40k approx with some cash set aside for tax and money towards a house deposit.

EDIT2** For those asking what it is, my post history will start you off.

Not recommended for all, but its meme season! High risk, high reward. If you can afford to lose it, take the plunge. I have, and so far so good!


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