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Domov Reddit If you happen to opened your Vault, it’s time to shut off...

If you happen to opened your Vault, it’s time to shut off your myth with 2FA

With Reddit rising their karma = tokens cryptocurrency experiment whereas simultaneously applying for an IPO(turning into a publicly traded firm), now more than ever it’ll be major to setup Two Aspect Authentication (2FA).

Eyes are on Reddit now, genuinely eyes may possibly well even be on your vault. So in convey so that you just can preserve these treasured moons you earned whereas shamelessly shitposting, it’ll be major to setup 2FA the old day.

It is possible you’ll well presumably setup 2FA simply by settings, you may possibly well presumably use Authy or Google, both work swish.

I’m sure many of you don’t offer protection to your Reddit accounts with the appropriate password, and I’m equally sure many of you signed up with an extinct email that you just barely even use anymore, how tough is that password?

Don’t change into a cry memoir post. Provide protection to your Moons.


Setup 2FA or Moons begone


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