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Immunefi launches on-chain bug bounties through ‘Vaults’ machine

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The Web3 safety platform now permits projects to deposit bounty funds to a Rep tidy contract, proving the funds will almost definitely be found.

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Blockchain safety platform Immunefi has launched an on-chain machine for bug bounties, per a Sept. 26 announcement. The fresh machine, called “Vaults,” permits Web3 builders to escrow funds in an on-chain tackle and exercise them to pay out bug bounties to white hat hackers.

Immunefi believes the fresh machine will wait on projects “show to whitehats […] that they’ve allotted enough funds to pay bounties,” which it hopes will lead to “more prime-tier bug stories” being submitted.

Record of Immunefi bug bounties. Source: ImmunefiInstrument builders in general supply rewards, called “bug bounties,” to hackers who watch exploits or other bugs of their utility. This in most cases permits vulnerabilities to be stumbled on sooner than irascible actors can exploit them. Hackers who submit bug stories for rewards rather then taking unbiased true thing about an exploit are called “white hat” hackers, while “sad hat” hackers exercise their files for malicious capabilities.

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In step with the announcement, the fresh Immunefi machine permits projects to deposit their bug bounty funds to a Rep multisig tidy contract (previously called a “Gnosis Rep”). This gives white hats with on-chain proof that the funds will almost definitely be found. As soon as a bug is submitted and a mission has confirmed it’s gracious, the mission can launch the funds to the bug reporter’s wallet.

Throughout Vault’s launch, Ethereum infrastructure provider SSV posted a $1 million deposit to wait on pay bug bounties for its utility. Decentralized alternate Ref Finance, which is on the Shut to community, also uses the fresh machine. SSV DAO contributor Eridian claimed that on-chain bug bounties will wait on present larger safety for the DAO’s validator companies, bringing up:

“The Vaults System will wait on us present added reassurance for any researcher participating with our bounty program, and in flip wait on stable the protocol even extra. A appropriate secure-secure. Building extra believe with the community by showcasing dedicated funding, and streamlining the cost assignment, will in the end give a need to our safety efforts.”In December 2022, Immunefi reported that it had facilitated $66 million in bug bounty payouts since the platform’s inception. LayerZero launched a $15 million bug bounty through Immunefi on Can also simply 17.

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