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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Justin Sun appropriate form released a marketing and marketing video about “hackers shorting Crypto“ and how he saves all of Crypto after which the TRX price goes up. This originate of promoting is totally a red flag…

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Would it not if truth be told be a day in Crypto without some nice and flinch drama right here? Well, I don‘t mediate so, and this day we are already not missing out at all. Jus a few few hours previously we saw an intelligent video released on Twitter/X from Justin Sun, founding father of Tron, and it most indubitably embodies Justin Sun…

As I can‘t post a video in a post on our sub, I will give some screenshots and investigate cross-check to record the tough “story“.

Screenshots from Justin Sun‘s video on Twitter/X, mediate up his profile to study the general video

So, the story starts with some AI gadget giving out the warning that “hackers are shorting Crypto“ (which doesn’t beget sense btw) after which the intelligent Justin Sun for some cause puts on VR sets and goes into an global that is being eaten by one thing red (presumably representation for hackers). Anyways he saves the day with some sky beam, appropriate form luxuriate in a staunch Avenger, after which the TRX price jumps up for some cause. 

And yeah, after that he goes to mars for some cause, presumably since it looked cool. 

In most cases there is for sure nothing against any company or Crypto doing marketing and marketing for themselves, nonetheless it’s miles rather uncommon once that marketing and marketing entails their creator “saving“ a complete industry and they also market the TRX price pumping. I mediate marketing and marketing of Crypto tasks has been accomplished loads, nonetheless most of it titillating some partnerships and voice-instances being marketed. No longer a complete Avengers film trailer, whose greatest component about Tron is that it‘s price is pumping after saving Crypto…

Disclaimer: That is not a financial advice, nor winning portion on Tron, nonetheless appropriate form showcases the brand new video released by Justin Sun and afterwards my private commenting about it.

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