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Lawyer who laundered $400M from OneCoin rip-off denied new trial: Characterize

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A attorney who laundered $400 million from the OneCoin rip-off has been denied a new trial despite arguing there were staunch mistakes and fraudulent testimony in the distinctive trial in 2019.

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The attorney guilty for laundering $400 million from the OneCoin fraud has been denied a motion searching for a new trial, despite a prosecution survey having perjured themselves in the trial against him in 2019.

In response to a Sept. 18 document from Bloomberg, 54-365 days-aged attorney Mark Scott argued that he didn’t know OneCoin used to be a spurious operation on the time and may no longer be charged for his goal in developing the fund that laundered money for OneCoin founder Ruja “Cryptoqueen” Ignatov. 

Scott used to be chanced on guilty of money laundering and bank fraud conspiracy in November 2019, with prosecutors discovering that Scott earned a entire of $50 million through a spurious fund that processed payments and transactions siphoned from the OneCoin scheme.

His staunch group has been searching for a new trial since, citing a fraudulent testimony from a authorities survey in the distinctive trial. 

As the #OneCoin turns: now money launderer Mark Scott’s motion denied. How a few years?

Docketed on the unusual time: “ORDER as to Mark S. Scott’s motions for a new trial pursuant to Federal Rules of Felony Diagram 29 and 33. the motions are DENIED.” https://t.co/CpstHJAkrr

— Internal Metropolis Press (@innercitypress) September 18, 2023

Nonetheless, all the scheme through a Sept. 18 listening to, United States District Judge Edgardo Ramos denied the attorneys’ demand for a new trial, asserting he used to be unconvinced that “an harmless particular person may had been convicted” despite the fraudulent testimony delivered all the scheme in the course of the 2019 trial by Konstantin Ignatov.

Ignatov used to be a authorities survey who admitted to helping his sister Ruja in the OneCoin fraud.

Lawyers for Scott said that they may enchantment the choice, claiming that his client used to be “upset that the court did no longer grant a new trial given the undisputed proof that the Government’s sole cooperating survey perjured himself.”

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OneCoin used to be launched in 2014, and marketed itself as a cryptocurrency that used to be an identical in structure to Bitcoin. Nonetheless, it used to be later revealed to be a pyramid scheme that functioned by luring in new customers with fictitious claims and promises of high future earnings.

The prosecution claimed that Scott used the $50 million in proceeds from OneCoin to finance an costly life-style, procuring for a swathe of luxurious goods, including a gargantuan need of multimillion-dollar properties, watches, sports vehicles and a 17-meter yacht.

On Sept. 12, Ramos sentenced OneCoin’s co-founder Karl Greenwood to 20 years in penal complicated in the US, after he used to be chanced on guilty of a litany of costs including fraud and money laundering.

In 2014, a girl named Ruja Ignatova launched a spurious cryptocurrency named “OneCoin”. Despite the currency never unusual, Ruja happy folk at some level of the world to make investments. In 2017, after raking in $4 billion earnings, she boarded a airplane to Greece and hasn’t been viewed since. pic.twitter.com/DoJCfmy0Uj

— Informative & Inspiring (@infotale_in) March 15, 2023

Ruja Ignatov has no longer been viewed since October 2017 and is in the intervening time on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Ten Most Wanted Checklist.

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