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Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Domov Reddit Mike Novogratz Doubts Dogecoin's Future — 'No Institution Is Buying DOGE, Retail...

Mike Novogratz Doubts Dogecoin’s Future — ‘No Institution Is Buying DOGE, Retail Will Lose Interest’

I agree in some part, i dont own Doge but i like that Doge community are a stronk one. On BTC or ETH or other of the big ones, we always say that millionaires have thousands of BTC or ETH, that maybe a new company come and buys 10k BTC, i mean its nice for the price to jump but then, the concentration gets each time more and more into big players.

On Doge, they are all people, yes you have some rich people that have bought, for sure Elon and then other ones with millions of twitter followers that also tweet about Doge. So i guess in the end, it might not go to #1, but it will stay in a top position forever.


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