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One amongst the earliest to heed what BTC if truth be told stands for: Already in 2012 the UK Telegraph stated “Bitcoin is the libertarians dream and a governments nightmare“.

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Usually when we scrutinize motivate on events that predate our recent by a decade or so and want to know what folks motivate then thought of Bitcoin the acknowledge is amazingly evident: They both did no longer comprehend it, they hated it or they were some tech nerds that truly understood it, however no longer for the monetary price. 

But suprisingly there if truth be told are a only a couple of examples of entities that truly undertood the potential BTC holds, namely the legendary Hal Finney (perhaps Satoshi Nakamoto himself) and furthermore other ones take care of the Winklevoss brothers who bought BTC resplendent early on.

Even though this case is somewhat varied:

Quote of that UK Telegraph article from 2012, image by Pete Rizzo on X

Scoot, actualy a legacy media living knew the potential BTC could perhaps attend in teh future. That is somewhat extraordinary as there were if truth be told even news net sites that known as Bitcoin silly the total technique motivate in 2010 until now and right here now we hold UK Telehraph announcing that Bitcoin is a dream for the libertarians dream and the nightmare for the authorities. A in point of fact dauntless assertion.

And happily for them it entirely paid off, many governments has to crack down on BTC as folks were hedging into it as a consequence of hyperinflation, namely the IMF even threatened Argentina to de-facto ban Crypto within the occasion that they wish their loans. So they are indeed in fear already and the nightmare will upright continue for them…

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