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Domov Reddit Pornhub just saved a lot of my crypto

Pornhub just saved a lot of my crypto

So about 20 minutes ago, I got a “hey, did you fly to Germany overnight?” Unauthorized login email from pornhub. Checked it, sure enough someone logged in with my password. Don’t give two shits about someone watching porn on my account, so I immediately went to work on the rest.

I don’t share passwords with any accounts, but pornhub one was an oddly secure password that probably couldn’t be brute forced… I assumed breach.

Changed all my exchange passwords that were tied to the same email, and switched all their 2fa to my phone instead of email. That’s when I start getting login failure notices… Of course they hit the exchanges first.

After that I damage controlled financial institution accounts, and sure enough started seeing login failures on those. About 15 minutes after I got the pornhub notice (when serious damage would’ve already been done) I got a “possible breach” notification from capital one assistant.

I totally am usually asleep right now. Pornhub may have just saved me tens of thousands of dollars, and is apparently more reliable than all my financial institutions.

****Update and FAQ:

Thanks so much for the awards and responses! I just thought this was a funny near miss and wanted to share my maniacal laughter, had no idea it would blow up like this.

So, turns out it was my phone that was malware compromised. Factory reset, extended authy to everything for now, all passwords changed, all financial institutions alerted.

As has been pointed out a few times in comments, it’s likely they accessed pornhub first because if I had linked crypto wallets or bank accounts for tipping, they could just send all meh money to their verified account. Probably a super easy front door way of scooping a couple BTC up from unwitting peoples… Hadn’t thought of that, I just assumed they were testing access.

No, having a pornhub account doesn’t mean I pay for porn, just that I like to save playlists and favorites. Some of you are living in the 90s of internet porn.

Amazed at how many people assume that the breach came from pornhub. Frankly, it seems like they guard info better than anyone else I deal with. I would never think of putting personal information into any porn site… Pornhub’s app has always proven to be secure and well supported.

All credit accounts frozen, all financial institutions contacted. Net loss of ZERO. They attempted a $7000 wire transfer out of my checking account that my small town bank ofc called me about, and a $1300 credit card purchase that got declined as sketch. Otherwise it seems I beat them to all accounts.


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