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Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Domov Reddit Serious: Has someone been able to successfully make over +$500 monthly over...

Serious: Has someone been able to successfully make over +$500 monthly over crypto interests and willing to share how please? Just a random stranger that want to have a better chance and understanding about how feasible this is… Thanks

Reposting: the other post got removed because it had the word “moon”. Thanks!

Hi Folks,

Has anyone been able to successfully find a way to live on passive income through crypto? I’m dreaming one day, to be able to financially comfortable to live off from crypto interests…

So, I don’t want to dream anymore and want to try to draft a plan to potentially have a moonshot at it…

My target will be a minimum of $500 and anything achieved over $1000 would be a blessing to me on a monthly basis…

Anyone who has successfully or who is currently living this dream willing to share how, please?

  • What’s investment amount are we looking for to have a shot on the above ?

  • Which optimun platform and effective ways one would require to yield such returns ?

  • Is this feasible ?

  • In terms of risk metrics, I don’t want crazy stuffs with crazy apr/apy but something really feasible with some work and luck obviously…

I guess it will be a big amount but at least I’ll be grateful if someone can elaborate further and guide me and the others interested through it…

Thanks in advance for your contributions and time. Sharing is caring ❤

Peace and goodluck to everyone 🙏🏼


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