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Domov Reddit The entire market dipped, here's why!

The entire market dipped, here’s why!

  • The hint to this huge drop should've been a period when you saw that meme coins were going up and then more meme coins been created and then fights between meme coin HODLers who's meme coin is the realest…
  • ETH folks yelled just days ago “last chance to buy under 4k”…
  • grandma coming in to this sub saying it's ok kids
  • laser eye twitter profile pics
  • John MCAfee doubling down and calling 1 BTC = 2M $ by the end of the day
  • covfefe (I dunno)
  • moon farming and moons actually being worth a dime
  • this sub going to 3 million members
  • memecoin subs going into million(s) subs
  • people calling themselves CEO of wallstreetbets and the king of the apes for no reason

TL;DR: BTC is going to reach its new ATH in June 2021 (78k $ to be precise) and you can quote me on that!

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