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Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Domov Reddit Turns out, r/cc is the biggest FUD spreader of all! India FUD...

Turns out, r/cc is the biggest FUD spreader of all! India FUD has filled the front page, all of which is objectively false

No, for the 1000th time India is not banning crypto. Crackpot posters will post highly reactionary posts that will always make you think of the extreme possible scenarios. And this is not the first this is happening, earlier this year a guy made post saying that he sold all his holding because India is banning and criminalising. He though he was going to jail. It’s been 6+ months and no such thing has happened.

Step back and take a look at prominent Indian crypto figures on twitter like @NischalShetty (Founder of WazirX).

Right now the latest news is that the crypto bill has been tabled for Winter session after a committee consisting of crypto leaders and bill makers and Financial minister talked extensively about how to proceed. Nischal was a part of this committee and has tweeted several updates regarding it.

So ffs stop getting swayed by reactionary posts and look at the facts. INDIA IS NOT BANNING CRYPTO.


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