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Friday, September 30, 2022

!WARNING! Gate.io’s suave loophole to derive folk’s treasured MOONs

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UPDATE: Gate made a mistake with the chains, they’re fixing it now. For now, don’t deposit your moons there. I have abet all allegations of substandard play.

We’re all enraged by MOON listings. MEXC then Gate… I capture a ton of diversified CEXes will discover. But there’s something regarding the Gate itemizing you MUST be attentive to:


Gate takes MOON deposits handiest on Arbitrum, while the fresh MOONs are on Arbitrum Nova!

They could per chance no longer deposit!

In the event you send MOONs to your Gate deposit take care of for MOONs, Gate will receive your factual moons (on Abritrum Nova) since they assist watch over that ETH take care of, but they could per chance no longer be credited into your yarn!

Exchanges by no way come up with abet crypto deposited into the unfavorable community, even though they invent assist watch over the predominant from those addresses. It’s adore depositing Binance-wrapped ETH into an ETH deposit take care of on the CEX! You’ll lose your money!

2nd-tier exchanges most continuously exercise unfavorable names of the blockchains (adore Binance as a substitute of BSC) but largely it does no longer motive any effort, because there’s most continuously handiest one mainnet and it is self-explanatory. But on this case, when there’s Arbitrum, Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova – all diversified chains, it is magnificent advanced. (mounted. Arbitrum and Arbitrum One is the identical factor, thanks r/ismirschlecht for pointing it out).

Why no longer listing MOONs on the true blockchain they’re for the time being on?? Admire what is the reason?? It’s adore opening a BNB deposit but on the stale “Binance chain”, acutlaly receive a total bunch factual BNB and assist it because it used to be indeed wrongly deposited. This suave loophole will build Gate thousands of MOONs in unfavorable deposits.

Another excuse to ALWAYS send a microscopic test transaction first.

PS: Corpulent disclosure – I did need to sell a share of MOONs on the itemizing spike as much as capture abet about a hours later when the price would stabilze – Gate’s itemizing spikes are magnificent sweet. But I handiest ended up losing 200 MOONs… Watch out out there!

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