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Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Domov Reddit What lesser known coins have you invested in?

What lesser known coins have you invested in?

I have been slowly working on Diversifying my crypto investments, with the intent to hodl most, if not everything, for the long run. However I’m inclined to believe that diversification of investments should also include some high risk, high (potential) reward.

I realise crypto isn’t a get rich quick scheme, however it has helped some fine folk do just that. What lesser known coin(s) would you reccommend investing in? I’m hoping to find some coins with a good whitepaper and a solid team that has potential to make their contribution into something bigger, but hasn’t quite made it into the major exchanges.

If I can buy and hodl the right one when it costs .000000004 per coin inb4 it gets further backing, It could turn into a worthwhile investment.


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