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Domov Reddit What would occur if Satoshi Nakamoto's wallet changed into active?

What would occur if Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet changed into active?

With several reports within the previous weeks of Satoshi expertise bitcoin wallets showing indicators of activity after years of mendacity dormant, I began to ponder what would occur if Satoshi’s wallet had been to alter into active?

From what I perceive, this wallet which contains over 1 million bitcoin, is believed to be one of the true, if no longer the true, holders of bitcoin. So powerful so as that if it had been to expose any indicators of circulate on the blockchain it might smash the bitcoin rate altogether attributable to it’s some distance assumed that these coins are burned and ad infinitum untouchable.

I produce no longer know if that is a truth or simply true one thing that I be taught here in passing, however with so many dormant wallets becoming active all another time I changed into questioning what effects all these satoshi expertise and silk boulevard expertise whales would discover within the marketplace?


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