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Domov Reddit What's going to happen to El Salvador in case of a endure...

What’s going to happen to El Salvador in case of a endure market?

A complete nation which purchase BTC as a nationwide reserve, this has its advantages and downsides.

As much as now they they had been making profit, but for instance we hit a endure market at a definite moment in time (I am to not arise bears in hibernation, I esteem bulls extra, but appropriate talking in belief),

what would happen to them? Attain the of us change into poorer? And the economy over there, what would perhaps per chance happen?

I am a proud supporter of the premise of cryptocurrency and I search for El Salvador as an sizable innovative but social/govermental/ecology experiement. They’re the main to get Bitcoin a simply soft and it is sharp to peep what’s going to happen there in 10 years after adopting crypto.


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