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Domov Reddit What's one coin that's going to probably have a rug pull soon?

What’s one coin that’s going to probably have a rug pull soon?

I invested $150 into SHIB during its early days. Money I can afford to lose. The good news is that at least my money has doubled even in this bear market. It was a gamble to invest in SHIB. If I lost, I lost $150. If it moons, I get a lot back.

As much as I’d like to continue having high hopes for SHIB, I don’t think it’s going anywhere at this point and a rug pull is imminent. Here are a few points:

  1. The highly anticipated SHIBASWAP has been in the “soon” phase since April.

  2. The recent CERTIK AMA really didn’t do much to kill the FUD. All the devs present had answers for questions we already know answers from.

  3. There’s a huge lack of transparency and accountability from the perspective of the developers.

  4. The entire ecosystem seems to be ran by a bunch of kids who didn’t expect to coin to become this big so now they’re trying to take it seriously.

On top of all that, the community is toxic as fuck. State facts and they’ll call you out immediately and gang up on you. They also believe that every damn mention or picture of a Shiba Inu dog is about them. Both the coin’s community and devs are hopeless at this point.

I’m giving the coin up until the end of August before a rug pull. A turnaround is welcome though but now, I’m okay with seeing my $150 wasted.


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