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Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Domov Reddit When someone tells you they made a fortune on a shitcoin —...

When someone tells you they made a fortune on a shitcoin — you’ve absolutely missed that train for now

It amazes me how people mindlessly give out to FOMO.

I mainly notice it with shitcoins, perhaps due to the narrow window of opportunity and zero purpose other than finding a grater fool.

So shitcoin shills advertise and lure new buyers with slogans like “Already 100x up!” or “Turned $100 into 1M or something” And then there’s videos of “investors” flexing chunks of cash.

What surprises me the most is how on earth does that even work???

With a little bit of logic — you’re already too late when it just did a 100x or 10,000x and early investors are taking profits (and flexing them too). They literally tell you to please be the chump to dump their bags on.

Someone says they made 1,000x or more on a shitcoin here — and they immediately get questions like “which coin, where buy, pm please”.

If you want it that bad — keep your tabs on it, add it to your bucket list. When we crash again — buy it cheap and hope it revives. But by that time, when it tanks, you probably won’t want that much…

A legit crypto can go ATH after ATH, year after year, and still needs corrections. Shitcoins are all about pump and dump. So beware of FOMO.


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