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Domov Reddit Who remembers the "Pineapple Fund" of 2018, where a top 250 BTC...

Who remembers the “Pineapple Fund” of 2018, where a top 250 BTC holder cashed out 5,104 BTC for $55 Million, and anonymously donated most of it to charities worldwide?

It was one of the high-points of the Bear Market of 2018 and one that made me glad to be in the Crypto Space, where it seems like you don’t need to be a ruthless sociopath to get rich.

Pine, as she goes by, earned so much money she was “past the point of satiety” and decided to donate the rest. In total, she donated 5,104 BTC worth $55,000,000,


She scoured the web and took suggestions, donating thousands to millions of dollars to verified charities.

These are the kinds of people we should hold up with praise. I have absolutely no beef with rich or the super rich, but I do think if you earn so much money you can’t possibly spend it, you are a special kind of asshole if you don’t at least engage in some philanthropy to re-distribute your abundance of wealth.

EDIT: It’s a GURL.


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