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Domov Reddit You guys need better heroes

You guys need better heroes

For a while, this sub worshipped a multi-billionaire that is basically a supervillain with all the shit he’s doing – just because he’s pro crypto.

Now the new hero is a dictator of an extremely corrupt country that let the military storm parliament to intimidate them and force legislation and generally disregards democracy and its institutions – just because he forced BTC on his country’s population.

And somehow weirdest of all, even Ted Cruz?

You don’t have to worship everyone that says something positive about crypto. It makes the whole community look ridiculous to anyone not in it if you are so hyper-focused on that one topic that you don’t care about anything else people do – and it for sure doesn’t help adoption. Choose better heroes.

Edit: yeah okay, multiple people have said it and they are right: you don’t need any heroes. If you pick any, pick better ones.

Edit2: guys, please, read carefully: no, I’m not saying this sub still worships Musk. I’m saying the majority did until he pointed out environmental problems of BTC and became more critical of it. Now he is mostly hated here, I know, no need to point it out


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